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Direct Trade Fashion in Tulum

"As women, doing what we love is creating a loving, kind world..."

- Going straight to the source -

Photo: Jack Pasco

To support woman & create direct trade between local mayan communities and Laguna Collective, we have a beautiful relationship with the Mayan women, their talents and skills are an amazing way to express them selfs and their connection with mother nature is the secret of such an amazing work. They live between mangrooves & jungle, families with an open huge heart and the desire to live out their believes.

Loving & kind hearts are the woman who knit & embroidered the softest & 100% natural sellection of fabrics we use for our beach clothes designs.

Direct trade build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with our women.

While Fair Trade is an important system, and there are many ethical importers, direct relationships truly allow for full transparency with our women. These relationships open up the lines of communication & truth understading of knowledge and needs, helping each other & nurturing our team and products with love & kindness.

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