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Laguna Collective is an organization that supports & empowers indigenous women in México, seeking to create a better lively hood and just economic reward for their work & talent.

As a collective our goal is to stimulate direct & fair trade with the women who need it most, ensuring healthier economic conditions for themselves, their household and the wider community they live in. 


It is vital these women stay in their villages, to nurture their traditions and culture.

The modern world requires they contribute to the economy in order to survive and provide for  their families. The conditions they live in, though humble to our eyes, are rich in wisdom and simplicity. 


We wish to connect the modern lifestyle with this wisdom & simplicity, 

to create direct links with the humble nature of a happy life.



Laguna Collective is part of The Slow Fashion Movement 

where fabric, time and craft take priority over trends 

and fast consumer culture.

Marta Macedonia Canul Chan

Paulina Canul Chan

Macaria Chan Pech

Maria Nayeli Cupul Canul

Carmen Canul Chan

Nancy Cupul Chan

Jacinta Chan

Norma Araceli Xiu

Maria del Carmen Xiu Hau

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