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Paulina Canul Chan

Kuncheil, Yucatán.

Embroidery Artist

My name is Paulina Canul Chan I'm the oldest sibling of Macaria. I was born 43 years ago in a little mayan village called Kuncheil (Big Tree). My father moved to Punta Laguna, Yucatán a few months after I was born. He used to work as a "Chiclero" (Bubble gum harvester). My mom and my self moved with him a few months after he settled there. 

I remember my mother being pregnant of my brother and teaching me in the afternoons stitching in the old mayan way called Chui Ca'ab (Counted thread), since very little I spend my free time stitching dresses or t-shirt my mom will sell sometimes. 

At the moment I have 4 siblings. Luis Ángel Kahun Canul is the oldest one, he is 18 years old. Yordi Alexandro Kahun Canul is 15 years old, Fátima Maribel is 11 years old and Brenda Anahi is 3 years old. The three oldest go to school to the nearest town called Tres Reyes because here in Punta Laguna we don't have a regular school. The teacher here comes 2 or 3 times per week. 

When they are in school I can make tortillas and beans. When they come back they have something to eat and after they go to play I can start working with my stitching work. Mainly the money I gain from this work is what I use to pay for the things they need for their school. My husband Santos Angeles Kahum Kocum only gets payed the money we need for food. 

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