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After finishing her studies at The Fine Art Collage Of Xalapa, Veracruz, she started a Master in Textile Art at the Universidad Iberoamericana, México City. 

After finishing her studies she moved to Oaxaca to study the rural side of the Mexican textile and pottery. A truly life changing experience to be involve with the indigenous women in the Sierra and all of the wisdom they lived in.

She was very interested in how people could live with simplicity and only with what nature provides. She moved to California, U.S.A. for Permaculture & organic farming studies.

When she came back to México, she lived in a mayan village called Macario Gómez

with the indigenous community there, after a few weeks of remote living she understood better the way this area of of the Yucatan Peninsula applied ancient knowledge and sustainability leaded by nature and its natural rhythm into their lives.


Since 2014 she is been based in the Yucatán Peninsula constantly traveling to different mayan villages and remote oaxaca to connect with the women living there and create opportunities of work for them.

"Being connected with my ancestors & honoring their cosmovition & simplicity of live

makes me feel alive" -K.G.

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