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Specialist in social work with dysfunctional communities. After finishing her studies she moved to The North Sierra of Oaxaca to take a course about the use of the earth as natural resource for a sustainable living. 


After that she worked in Pueblo Nuevo, Oaxaca, México as a organizator & builder of a cultural & educative space for the community. 

Worked as well in the mezcal industry in the high Sierra of Oaxaca for the sustainable used of the natural resources & renovation-rehabilitation of the "Palenques Mezcaleros" (Rural Industry).

When she moved to Tulum, her goal was to find a social group of people working for the development & sustainability of the mayan communities. In a very lucky way, through a friend in common she was introduced to Laguna Collective and since then we've been working together.


"For me the deep respect and love to nature are the key and base to create a world" - S.S.

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